Amsterdam, is a city in Europe, capital of the Netherlands very touristy. Known for these channels through it as well as the famous Coffee Shop, museums and Red Light District.
The official language is Dutch, but the majority of people speak perfect English.

To get to Amsterdam we chose to fly from Alitalia from Milan Linate Airport. You can also get there from Switzerland easily by car. It takes about 10 hours (Sion – Amsterdam).
The flight being at 9am, we took a night at the BB Hotels Smarthotel Milano Linate. The hotel is really beautiful and is located two minutes from the airport. It cost us only 40 euro a night for two people.
We also reserved a parking space at the “P2 Executive” airport. the hotel offered parking (for a fee) and shuttle service but we have already booked the car park before taking the hotel.

Our arrival point was Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.
The flight takes about 1 hour 30 minutes.
To get to the hotel, we took an Uber (costs about 30 euros, duration 15 min). It is relatively easy to get to the city center by train and subway.
Moreover, we chose the train / metro option for the return to the airport. The duration is maximum 30 minutes by train. The ticket costs about 8 euros in total (5 euros for the train and 3 euros for the metro).

Our stay lasted 4 days.
We decided to go to Amsterdam for a weekend visit and discovery with a couple of friends.
Amsterdam is a beautiful and lively city with lots of activities, museums, bars, etc.
In order to move, we bought a 3-day transport card (19 euros per person). It allowed us to go to the City Center and in different places of the city with the subway, bus or tram.
Another means of transportation is the bike. The city has as much bike as inhabitants. The urban space has been designed for bikes with lots of bike lane. The movements are facilitated because the country is totally flat.

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Postillion Hotel Amsterdam: BW Signature Collection ****

This 20-storey hotel is located next to the Amsterdam Congress Center (about 15 minutes by underground from the center).

A metro station is a 2-minute walk from the hotel and offers easy access to Central Station.

We had the wonderful surprise of being in a room on the 16th floor, totally automated from a shelf next to the bed. It allows to turn on the tv, the light, close / open the curtains, turn on the air conditioning etc.

The room also has a beautiful bay window with a telescope that offers a splendid view of the city. The bathroom is equipped with a large walk-in shower with TV screen inlaid in the mirror.

The hotel also has a fitness and mini self service shop in the lobby.

The staff is very friendly and helpful.

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Anne Frank House

The Anne Frank Museum is the house where Anne Frank lived during the Second World War before she was caught by the Nazis and brought to a concentration camp.

The museum teaches us a lot about life during this period of war.

To liven up the visit, an audio guide in several languages is provided free of charge at the entrance of the building. The museum is small, places are limited. Tickets are therefore quickly exhausted. We advise you to book at least 2 months in advance on the museum’s official website.

It takes about 1h30 – 2h to visit the entire museum.


The Heineken Experience Museum is another well-known place in Amsterdam and tourism.

This museum explains the creation of the Heineken brewery and the making of its beer.
At the end of the experiment, you have the opportunity to drink 2 beers offered or test your barman dexterity by drawing your own draft beer.
It takes about 1h30 to tour the museum, comments and panels are in English but Heineken offers a smartphone application giving access to all comments in different languages.
We advise you to book the tickets on the Heineken official website 1 or 2 days before your visit.

Bike Tour
In order to feel like a true Amsterdamer, we recommend you to book a bike tour with a French speaking guide.
The 2h30 tour will allow you to discover different anecdotes as well as to better understand the city of Amsterdam.
In order to enjoy the best, we advise you to take the tour in the first days of your stay.
We chose to book a tour online when we were already in Amsterdam. The tour was really interesting and we discovered some wonderful places and information about the city.

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Boat Tour

We also did a boat tour. If you have time, we recommend boat tours on the Amsterdam canals.

Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop is a very popular tourist attraction. Amsterdam is one of the few places where cannabis and various soft drugs are tolerated and controlled. We rarely find coffee but rather different types of marijuana with the possibility of smoke directly on the spot. Coffee Shops rarely sell alcoholic beverages because they do not have a license.
If you want to try the fumette, this is probably the right place. The product is controlled and sold by the state with the possibility of buying already rolled seals.
Be careful not to buy drugs from dealers in the streets.

Red Light District

One of the most vibrant areas of Amsterdam is the Red Light District. In this neighborhood you will be able to walk around and admire relatively special windows. They do not contain the latest fashionable clothes but rather pretty ladies appearing as an advertisement to attract new customers.
These girls work for themselves and rent the rooms as for the Coffee Shop regulated and controlled by the State.
The Red Light District is a very controlled neighborhood. Throughout the night, security patrols check that passers respect the workers.

Café Brecht

Café Brecht is a small and quaint bar located near the Heineken Museum.
You will be able to stop and drink a good beer brewed in Amsterdam, called Brouwerij ‘t IJ.

Chez Lorraine

A nice discovery for breakfast or for a light dish. This is a small establishment that offers completely homemade and fresh products.

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During our travels, we used to test a product and present it on the blog. We will introduce the application.


The application will allow you to download city maps locally on your phone and view them without internet during your stay.

It will allow you to place landmarks and places to record to find the best places in the city.

Once the places are registered, you will be able to let you guided by the application thanks to the GPS function.

It is also possible to buy city guides directly on the app.

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